Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who is Lesa Hanna?

Walking through midtown I found an ID badge. It belongs to Lesa Hanna. I'm almost sure she is a dentist. I tried googling her but couldn't find her. Now, I'm obsessed in revealing her identity. I feel were connected; after all, I have something that belongs to her.
If anyone knows who she is let me know. And Lisa if you ever come across my blog contact me or don't.

Meanwhile, I will put a face to your name! This is what I think you might look like:

You certainly have great teeth Lesa!

1 comment:

The Gatekeeper said...

es ella, solo una dentista llevaria perlas en el cuello en una foto posada, no esta diciendo que vive cerca del mar y que sus dientes los cuida como perlas artificiales, peor en el fondo son perlas.