Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on a Monday

I'm facing an imagination deficit; hence, I thought P.S.1 would cure me. No cure yet but museums make me happy, it's all about the sensory overload. The visuals, audio, and interaction made it a cathartic experience, as well as being in Jose's company who makes everything even more amazing.

Olafur Eliasson's installation on the elevator.

Eliasson's huge rotating mirror on the ceiling, and we took our time!

Børre Sæthre's ethereal installation.

Sæthre's unicorn. When you walk by the mirror, it creates an optical illusion...it is visually fascinating. I hope I had a video....fuck....I hope I could have the unicorn in my apartment.
Sorry Damien Hirst but the unicorn beats your decaying shark any day....

Leaondro Erlich's Swimming Pool.

Tom's number. I found it on the floor at Robert Boyd's Conspiracy Countdown video installation neatly folded. I texted him to satisfy my curiosity and ask him if he had left it on purpose. He texted me back saying he's never been to P.S.1.
I find it incredibly interesting where some things just end up.

After P.S.1 I headed over to Park Slope in Brooklyn just to walk around. How long until it gets completely Manhattanized?......Save Brooklyn's Industrial Heritage!

on a Monday.


Alex said...

sabia que tarde o temprano iba a topar con tu blog. Love Olafur Eliasson

michell halley said...

baby miss you.

chicmamacita said...

mondays are blue
amo esto, todo
te quiero!

karii said...

hola elena

JoseC. said...

Hace poco empece a recuperar la esperanza de cambio, quiza es por la edad, quiza por un cortocicuito neuronal, nolose, el caso es que la estoy recuperando poquito a poco, y debo decir que se puede cambiar esto, es muy muy muy jodido pero se puede.

Pero la manera de la que no se puede cambiar es sentandote y esperando, hay que, como tu dices, promover la accion que es lo que mueve las cosas.

Comentaria tu blog, pero en ingles ando algo obtuso desde que acabe el bachiller.

Muchas gracias por leer me y firmarme, saludos y besines!

Un extraño enemigo said...

Hey i don't know if u speak spanish or english anyway... I'm looking for a song I listened to when I went with my first love... I had a tipical-sad love history with a man I met in new york and one the I was so sad He took me to the museum and we finally saw the video-installation of Roberd Boyd... There's a song while the video is playing .... is a woman singin' please if u know I'll be glad for ever.. I'll cry coz that song remembers me when I was so in love but at the same time so depressed coz the sad winter was going on.... if u know the name of the song please let me know I'm "buenas noches pantalones" in this blog... the name of my blog.. I'll take some time reading about u..