Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dea´s Macrocosm

Dea´s Macrocosm has no limits, laws, preconceived ideas. In her space we are not product of society, history or media....WE ARE. Reality has many dimensions and we can walk on ceilings, walls and floors....WALKING is just language technicality. Freedom unknown to men, and where language is not a barrier nor the creation of anything...our thoughts domain.

Andy Warhol´s look-a-like lives among us (so they say), because in this space we are unaware of who Andy is...however we agree he must have tremendous personality.

Black and white halls, a dual dimension.

A hammer, a man with a needle in his forehead, keys......all in their own new context. Different perceptions. Different thoughts. Different attitudes...but most importantly it is all relative.

The mirror does not reflect us, for we are not matter but something more...spirits of a sort.

And when Dea is materialized she is a narcissistic poet with intimidating talent.

Oh, and who is that she is showing affection to? No one other than Karime....her chicken-women-castrated-amputated-phallic-object of desire-and so much more.


michell halley said...

las amo, las extraño como no tienen idea..

Dea said...

mi baticueva y su meneo las aman y las extrañan más que nunca y como siempre...