Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Superhuman Dealer

Today I met the Superhuman Dealer.
The Superhuman Dealer said he’s been doing yoga for 12 years.
He is also a magician, but couldn’t talk about it....its forbidden.
He also practices Kabala and mentioned Quiron.
He said he was a junkie, but yoga and spirituality cleaned him up.
I was confused so I asked him.....how can you be spiritual, clean, and sell drugs?
To what he replied....if you understand Nietzsche’s Superhuman, and the law of cause=effect then you will understand.
I said I didn’t understand.
He said he was going for a magic book and coming back.
He never came back

1 comment:

michell halley said...

i remember when i heard spitting out crap, turned sat down and had suchhhhhh an interesting conversation on sea urchin and sandwiches..
i can´t believe i´m posting when we´re on gchat.
loserr me.
oh and at 2.40am