Friday, December 12, 2008

Letter to globalization

Dear Globalization,

I’m writing just to let you know that I think you are extremely detrimental to culture, and originality. You have managed to create an almost homogenized global culture, and you have spread western ideas so widely that almost all modern countries or cultures are defined by aspects of western culture (just what the world needs........ideas of “progress¨”, “freedom”, “democracy”……ideas deriving from tampered information for social control.) Anyways, not wanting to be a hypocrite I will accept that I am a product of globalization and will not complain (thank you Internet).

p.s. I just realized that the purpose of this letter is that it really has no purpose. Sorry that I made you read it.




Anonymous said...

i had nothing to do until i came across your blog.
i like it

karii said...

no lamento leerlo, hahah thank you Internet!

Anonymous said...

my ass looks like a globe..
is that globalization's fault??

elena said...

nope, thats just you eating shit

Anonymous said...

because of globalization..ok

chicmamacita said...

how did the surgery go my lovely???? just realized i never stored your number.... send it to me please!
miss you like craezy
get well sooooon!!!!!!!!!!
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!